Carnival 2020: the songs and singers ranging pumping, second influencers

13 The February the 2020

We asked what will be influencers, in their view, the big hits of the next Carnival. Check out the top 10 music, artists and genres:

We are counting down to the #Carnaval2020. Between a tutorial and make a costume idea, We asked the influencers registered in our database which will be the big hits of the famous Brazilian party. The survey was conducted in January 2020 and had more than 3.100 answer influencers registered in Squid

If you depend on content creators, funk "Everything Ok!”, Thiaguinho of MT, Mila, JS Golden Hand, It will be the big gum of the season. In second place, have success "Contatinho", the partnership between Leo Santana and Anitta. The third place went to "Combatchy", Music Anitta, Lexa, Luisa Sonza, MC Rebecca, that Quica, quica, beats, hit our head.

And since Brazil loves a sofrência, "Love You", Moses Pabllo Vittar, won the fourth research. In fifth place we have Pe-dro-Sam paio (read as it is sung in music), with the hit "Sentadão", in partnership with Felipe and JS Original Golden Hand. The sixth place is occupied by the contagious "Verdinha", that Ludmilla.

Pabllo Vittar appears one more time, seventh in the ranking, with the song "Congratulations", the result of its partnership with Psirico. Ludmilla and Leo Santana stayed with the eighth place with "Summoned". And funk is still reigning in our list: "Surtada", Dada Boladão, Tati Zaqui and ranks ninth OIK. Parangolé closes the list with the song "She Do not Want War With No".

Is that you? Do you know the profile of the Squid no Spotify? We create a playlist with this top 10 complete you will find here:

Only plays top! 

When asked about the singers who are the face of Carnival, the influencers were very eclectic in selection. First and foremost we Anitta, followed by Pabllo Vittar, in second, and Leo Santana third. The Lexa and Ludmilla funkerias appear in fourth and fifth place, respectively. Ivete Sangalo, our queen of axé, He secured his place in the rankings to sixth place. seventh, we have the DJ Pedro Sampaio and Louise Sonza with eighth. To finish with a flourish, Gloria have Groove, ninth, and MC Rebecca tenth.

Funk, ax or samba?

If you think that Funk would be the great protagonist of the Carnival, you got it. Gender appears first, with 216 votes. Then, we have the Brega Funk, which received 104. The famous Ax comes in third place with 96 votes. The traditional received Marchinhas 44 votes and secured the fourth position. With 30 votes, Samba was with the fifth. Country, Pop, Pagoda, Electronics and Frevo appear in list order, ranking seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth place.


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