27 the September the 2019

The University Challenge is a project developed by Squid, company specializing in Influence Marketing, whose main objectives are to bring university students closer to the practice of planning campaigns with content creators and generating social impact actions.

The University Squid Challenge is open to any student duly enrolled in a university and registrations can be made individually or in groups of up to 3 people. It is necessary that each group has a tutor teacher responsible for the project.

The first phase of registration should be made by sending a video of up to 2 minutes in which the groups must present a preview of his campaign proposal, indicating the desired goals with each action, the hashtag that will guide the action, and what is the general idea of ​​the campaign communication.


  • Vivian Corrêa de Oliveira - Fine Arts
  • Fernanda dos Santos Medrado, Clara Rie Takayasu and Lucia Chrystina de Lima Brigatti - Belas Artes
  • Felipe Choquere Costa - ESPM
  • Lais Ribeiro Aguiar, Flávia Conte de Arruda Campos and Eduardo Santolin Vietri - FAAP
  • Pedro Henrique Santos da Silva and Isadora Tavares Falcão - UNIFACS


1th place
- R $ 5,000 reais for the winning team(regardless of the number of members);

- Dissemination of project credits in all Squid communication channels, along with the college name;

- Creation of a video campaign for the winning campaign with the participation of members(the video will be produced after the campaign).


– 3 thousand reais for the team(regardless of the number of members)

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About Greenpeace:

Greenpeace exists because our planet needs who defend. And we need you. They believe in the courage of each to make the world we live in. We invite thousands of people to leave the comfort zone to undertake courageous actions Us, whether in their daily lives or in community. Our goal is to defend our rivers and forests, making our cities better places to live and ensuring a healthy environment and quality of life for all.


In 2018, Greenpeace reached 3 thousand donations online channels. The target for 2020 it is to achieve 5 thousand donations.

Additional information:

Initial CPA 2018 to R $ 600(With the inclusion of other media in 2019 the value fell to US $ 200)

Compared to other strategies, the setting is:

Digital channels: 417 donations per month
Direct dialogue: 5000 donations per month
Telemarketing: 1000 donations per month


In the holiday months, the number of donations decreases This is, probably, because people are opting to invest their money on travel and leisure. The challenge is to have an increase in these dates (June, July, November and December)

Target Audience:

Most of Greenpeace followers on social networks are aged between 18 e 35 years. Although this is the group that normally interacts more on social networks, it is known that the donor profile is another. People who engage enough to the point of effecting a donation has, average, more of 35 years.


Women over 30 years, social workers, biologists, researchers, teachers, psychologists, University or related areas. These are people who seek to change the world working for a cause. They tend to be less materialistic and more intellectuals. Value to society, the environment and education. Usually are looking for products that are environmentally friendly and are willing to pay more for it provided the value is justifiable. They are optimistic and believe that it is possible to transform the world in small actions everyday.

Log in the supplementary materials with details of Greenpeace Personas.


Before performing registration, read the complete rules, the instructions and briefing Greenpeace.

Log in the regulation of the University Squid Challenge.
Read carefully directions share this link.


Of 10 a 31 of October: Registrations for the link
11 from November: Announcement of finalists
25 from November: Presentation of finalists in Squid
29 from November: Announcement of winners and delivery of awards

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