Black conscience day: how social networks help extend voices and increase the representativeness

20 The November the 2019

On the day we remember and pay homage to zombie, leader of the Palmares, assassinated in 20 November 1695, Squid chatted with black influencers, references in the digital environment and addressing properly the issue of militancy and empowerment, to understand how Social networks drive discussions on the importance of representativeness and diversity

andreza Delgado (@andrezadelgado_), creator of Perifacon project - initiative that takes nerd culture, geek and pop to the periphery in Sao Paulo, We believe that we are living in a time where digital is very strong and important. "The technology can be revolutionary, just knowing how to use this tool with purpose ", states. E, when we think that power revolution, she said, Internet becomes an essential ally, especially in the matter of connecting people and places.

Amplification of new voices and unity of people with the same purpose are other points worth mentioning. So says Victor Pires (@ovitorpires), one of the creators of collective BIZUM independent actors. "Through Instagram, I managed to create emotional bonds with people who are trying to build a new narrative and thought, and who are raising the same flag ", Explain. For him, the social network has just giving voice and visibility to those who, until then, I had no place in society.

advertising, the search for less stereotypes and more diversity is a trend, but the path to maturity is over. “In fact, the big mistake of the marks is not having a black professional who consider inclusion solutions, especially in campaigns, events and spaces”, Vinicius account Zurc (@zurvini), Photographer and model, making sure to include in your description on Instagram phrase: "Moreno does not, black".

When clicking, Vini loves indicate black models and influencers for jobs. "Mostly, people hire me via Instagram. So, it shows that they consume content that I produce on race and related issues before closing the contract ", states. In his view, this bridge is great because it ensures authorial freedom and diversity in their designs.

The influencers that inspire content creators

When it comes to consuming content, they are very different. In the "following" of Andreza are present women rap or that are related to musical style, are they: Nicole Balestro (@nicolebalestro), Bruna Oliveira (@brunaolliveira), the sisters Tracie (@tracieokereke) e Tasha (@tashaokereke). She also loves the humorous productions Jeferson Delgado (@ I jef.delgado), his brother, and Illustrator content Load (@loadcomics), Fleeing the stereotype "militant black person" and, her words, It brings a lot of nerd universe, without being activist.

Vitor, in its turn, loves to follow not only influencers, as well as historians and sociologists, as: Jonathan Raymundo (@raymundojonathan), Fabio Santiag and Roger Cipo (@rogercipo). "I like to follow people who provoke and make us reflect, Decolonizing looks and actually touching the wound ", Explain.

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Representation in and out of networks

It is important to think of a marketing that embraces diversity. After all, we are talking about a Brazil where more than half the population is black ", defends Andreza. according to her, this is the time to celebrate the differences and give voice to people who are proposing to change the digital environment. "This idea of ​​only invest in one person is very bad, because most do not feel represented. It is always all too white, magro e cis. It is important to have diversity ", says. The producer of content emphasizes that it is still valid bet on micro-influencers, they are the key to a more direct communication, plural and true.

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