Isa Meirelles: social networking responsibly, purpose and a lot of diversity

5 The November the 2019

Isadora Meirelles (@ isa.meirelles) He was a student of Public Affairs and did internship at a big company when he realized he needed understand more about diversity - even though a disabled person. Isa, as it is known in social networks, It was also diagnosed in childhood with cognitive glaucoma and lost his left eye vision at three years of age, but that, she said, It never worked as a barrier in your life.

To live with different people at work, she went to see them from another perspective. "Until then, I had never studied or lived with people like. And it ended up leaving me worried, because I realized that my eye was a piece of reality in which I lived ", Explain. In 2017, He began exploring social networks to find people from different environments and worlds, disabled or not. as a communicator, she felt the need to live with more diversity to create an accessible and participatory communication.

It was only her dive into the universe of hashtags, to find out how people with disabilities, for example, They do not see or do not listen, They can relate to the world, especially no digital environment. "I began to search for hashtags #PraCegoVer or #Frsurdoouvir in order to find these people and understand how they positioned themselves in networks ", states. This was enough incentive to get active influencer (and meaningful!) nas redes sociais.

Conectada, she met new stories, He made friends and was able to create a community. Each post, the number of comments and interest increased. It was then that Isa identified that was being noticed and that, somehow, could inspire other users. "This issue of influence began with my closest cycle. After, people came to ask me about some posts I had done. When there, It was inserted into a network of people who shared the same goals. It was quite natural ", account the creative content, que hoje conta com 22,5K seguidores no Instagram.

"It was exactly at that moment that I understood that could begin to influence others", Explain.

On the social networks, Isa works with the concept of affordable communication, shares information to break the barrier of exclusion and increase the representativeness. "When I was little, I had a dream to be an actress, but I ended up excluding this option, because I saw actresses with disabilities in leadership roles or highlight. That's when I realized this lack of reference ", reveals.

The good news, she said, It is that the landscape is changing, especially in the last five years. Brands are looking for more diversity, and people with disabilities are taking up more space in the labor market, advertising, in the streets and places of recreation and culture. “Ainda vivemos em um tempo onde a pessoa com deficiência ocupa o papel de uma pessoa com deficiência. I know that we have come, mas ainda precisamos evoluir muito para desconstruir essa imagem”. E, to further extend this visibility, Isa developed, in partnership with other women, the "Who Are They?” (@coletivoquemsaoelas), a collective that want to turn fashion into something inclusive, uniting style and representativeness.

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Another issue raised by it of such responsibility is to share information and the impact generated in the lives of followers. "I began to use my posts as a source. Thereby, I had to have a special care to speak about something ", says. Isa not only understood this responsibility, as also happened to be charged. If she discloses a service that is not as accessible, receives criticism. "Today, everything I do or expose, I think a lot before positioning. Because I believe, when you stand for something, You must be responsible for it ", finaliza.

To be influencer you need ...

O Home, second Isa, is start interacting. The suggestion it is to go beyond the virtual environment and create relationships. Trying to produce content together or undertake co-marketing are also good options, once, for her, collaboration and relationship will guide the future of content creators.

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