Influential marketing and new ways to consume content

30 The April the 2020

In Covid-19 times, much has changed. In this scenario, how is influence marketing and content creators? This report, prepared by Squid, presents opportunities for brands and influencers. check out!

If someone asks you, today, how people are behaving in the pandemic, would you know how to answer? Since the appearance of Covid-19, the world has undergone a series of transformations. People have rediscovered ways tocommunicate remotely (video calls have never been used more!), brands had toexpand your digital presence eadapt speeches, artists are increasingly present viaLives and content creators play, now, a new role in the market.

We are talking about permanent changes in the way we work, consume and relate. In this turbulent scenario – and full of uncertainties! – how is the influence marketing market, content creators and brands?

Spolier: more of 67% of respondents think brands should continue to advertise, but thinking about new approaches.

Thinking about that, Squid prepared the report“Influence Marketing and The New Forms of Content” to present opportunities for you, as communication strategies for brands and influencers. He was curious? Download the full report!

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