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31 March of 2020

Survey conducted by Squid, in partnership with YouPix, reveals that, even though most influence on the market, women still earn less than men

They dictate fashion, are references to thousands of followers, It transformed the way we consume content and, surely, Most are in the influence marketing market. But, that will take the lead in the category means earning more than men? According to the survey conducted by Squid, in partnership with YOUPIX, business consulting for the Influence Economy, this theory does not match reality.

The search “Machismo, sexism & Equity in Influence Marketing " interviewed over 2.800 registered influencers in Squid to understand how wage inequality also affects the world of influence. The data show that, in all types of content made, O content creator man wins, average, 20,8% more than women. And this happens also in the categories historically female, as "Fashion and beauty, makeup and cosmetics "

And you know what category the wage gap is even greater? "Nerd Culture / Geek and Technology", where the influencers men receive twice that women, average. The pay gap is not an issue only in the world of marketing influence. According to the IBGE, in the Brazilian labor market, women receive, average, salary 20,5% lower than men.

When we analyze our country, You can identify a significant change only in the North and Northeast, where women are better paid than men. In the Southeast men earn, average, 33,4% more than women. In other regions, male influencers remain earning more.

And do not think that this inequality changes according to the age of content creators. By making the cut by age, you can identify what men earn more on any track. Besides that, the older the influencer, higher the average amount charged by them. The major difference between the values ​​is charged, average,  of 32,5% in the range of 35 a 50 years.

"Working to reduce the inequalities of economic and social opportunities between men and women, mainly in the financial freedom of women from the joint and enhancement of women's initiatives is transformative and can change the world we know today. ", comments Isabela Ventura, CEO Squid.

The good news is that there are, sim, categories in which women earn better pay than men. Are they: Health and Medicine, Humor / Entertainment, Music, Business and Entrepreneurship and Fitness.

This is the first survey conducted in Brazil specifically on this topic, and shows us that the way to pay equity is still long and full of obstacles. Remember that Brazilian women only won the right to work without a father or husband's permission in 1943, with the consolidation of CLT.

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