Squid Top of Mind 2019: brands and influencers that most inspire content creators

29 October of 2019

When it comes to producing content and influence people, they are masters. But, who serves as inspiration or what are the brands that many digital influencers wish to work? During the month of July, we conducted a survey with more than 20 thousand registered influencers in Squid, to understand who the people, companies and market segments top of mind two influencers.

First, We asked what came to mind these brand content creators when we talk about "brand desire" to work. Then, question which most popular person in the minds of them when we are talking about digital influencers.

From the responses, We identified some important points about the Brazilian market influence, content consumption and operating segment of influencers top of mind.

The insights generated from spontaneous responses were processed in the following infographic. check out:

See too:


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