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We connect brands to content creators, giving opportunities to monetize their work in social networks, using the power of your voice on authentical marketing campaigns.

Free access

The registration and access to the platform are free.You just need to have your account on Instagram registered as business, make social login and fill out a registration on our portal.

safe registration

Your registration is safe with us. We use the mechanics of social login to authenticate their networks. We will never ask for your password.

Campaigns made for you

We use the data provided by you during registration to find campaigns that fit the content you produce.

help and guidance

When recruited for a campaign on our platform, our team of experts is always available to contact and help in all processes.

secure payments

All payments are guaranteed by contract and made through the platform, secure and automated way.
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Why join?

Join major brand campaigns
We have performed over 1.500 campaigns in Brazil with brands known in the country and abroad in various sectors.


Why join?

Seja você mesmo
Acreditamos que uma comunicação mais humana é mais eficiente. Therefore, sempre buscamos a melhor maneira para você produzir o seu conteúdo de forma autêntica para as marcas.


Why join?

Agilize seus contatos
A nossa plataforma automatiza todos os processos, do contrato ao pagamento. Liberando você para investir mais tempo na produção de conteúdo.


Why join?

Suas métricas em tempo real
Você pode acompanhar a performance dos seus conteúdos em cada campanha através da nossa plataforma, que analisa engajamento, impressões e alcance.



Why join?

Faça parte de uma nova cultura da indústria da comunicação
Queremos amplificar novas e diversas vozes para construir uma indústria da comunicação descentralizada e colaborativa em que mais pessoas possam retomar seu protagonismo, e você, content creator, é parte central disso.


3 hints of what NOT to do on Instagram

Often we create articles that seek to help digital influencers to achieve quality content, strengthening their networks and monetizing their channels. However, It is not only the content that should be well produced: their behavioral strategy should also be very well thought out, after all, social networks end up having a "code of conduct" that needs to be followed so that the content performe as expected. This Code of Conduct ...

5 tips to have a complete profile on Facebook

Have a Facebook profile can be something simple. But, if you are digital influencer (also known as digital influencer, from English), You need to see if really the social network makes sense for you. After all, not just because the platform is the most popular on the planet (having about 139 million users only in Brazil, which ranks as the third most in the category of active members ...

5 tips for a good bio on Instagram (and attract followers)

You have entered into a profile of Instagram and thought "Our! Super I identified with that person "and went on to immediately follow it? Yeah, this has also happened to me. Sometimes, a profile has a bio on Instagram so good that you do not even need to look at the photos to see if it is worth following him. But, how that person could write a presentation so? separated 5 tips to help you prepare a ...

9 tricks to take good pictures on Instagram

In addition to all the information you need to think when creating content, as the caption and the public for which it is intended, the image of your publication is one of the most important points - especially if we are talking about Instagram, which is a very visual social network. Having good pictures is the first factor to draw the attention of users and the images are too ...


"Since I joined the Time Squid, I was sure to be in the hands of a company that brings us closer to national and international brands "
Flavio Fusco
"The professionalism of Squid always make me feel to be dealing with serious brands, that they have the quality I want to pass on to my followers "
Leandro Queiroz
"É uma grande satisfação fazer parte da Squid! He provided me with various cool campaigns and brought me partnerships with incredible brands "
Thais Ramos
"Como influenciador, It is very important to link its name to an impact mark on the world stage "
@ vitorcorrea13
Victor Correa
"A Squid foi uma das primeiras empresas que trabalhei e que realmente senti que valoriza o meu trabalho como criadora de conteúdo”
Eloarah Rock
"I can only thank for each work in the company! always solicitous, helping with doubts, encouraging, and charging that the deadlines "
Pai de Cinco
"The team that serves us is very good! They seek to understand the company and its time to build together each campaign "
Gustavo Costa
"The platform is a great enabler of all campaign management and the service team is very responsive to any troubles"
Giulia T. Joau
"Squid unites 2 key points: the practical solution platform, and personalized human service "
André Luiz Carlos Lima
Magazine Luiza