3 hints of what NOT to do on Instagram

14 de June de 2018

Often we create articles that seek to help digital influencers to achieve quality content, strengthening their networks and monetizing their channels. However, It is not only the content that should be well produced: their behavioral strategy should also be very well thought out, after all, social networks end up having a "code of conduct" that needs to be followed so that the content performe as expected.

Such a code of conduct which we refer is the famous "Terms of use”, that bureaucratic textão we never read before accepting, You know? But with some changes in the algorithm, some profiles have been on Instagram and not understand why. So that you understand better, we talk a little more about how Instagram is working on the textmetrics and indicators, in addition to the article on the use ofhashtags.

Basically, changes in the algorithm included closer monitoring of their behavior on the network. Therefore, some activities are not tolerated and, thereby, Your profile can be easily banned. Thinking about that, formulate the3 top tips on what younotto do on the network. They are alert and attentive?


Come on:

#Watch out! Do not bespammer

Do not use applications that promise miracles. Eager for a recognized profile and influence, some people seek various types of non-recommended activities to achieve some goal: purchase oflikes, exchange followers, automatic interactions. Instagram algorithm detects behavior outside the norm and that seem suspicious. Thus, you may even find that such practices are helping, but they, as a matter of fact, They are hurting their performance on the network and can affect you permanently, banning your profile and completely ruining your strategy.

Besides that, are not just automated tools. When a search brand to work with a digital influencer, it seeks quality. The numbers need to reflect the quality of your profile. What good have 10 thousand comments in a post if they have interesting content? If you are just empty words or emoji? Or are colleagues who are part of a group interaction but do not care really what you're saying?


Already yes we reinforce how much the amount is important, but the quality is fundamental to endorse a real job.


And a good job of influence is built over time, worked through the relationship with his followers base. Do not take shortcuts, especially if automatic.


#Avoid using hashtags like # follow4follow and #trocolikes

You can use tools that help you to manage your profile. Here in Squid, for example, We use a platform to schedule posts and track metrics. However, seek to know the credibility of the tool before use - and even more, before allowing it to access your data. If you have questions about digital security, Watch this video where we explain how you can protect yourself from scams:

#Attention to the keywords

Do not use hashtags banned by the network. This is another important point about your behavior on Instagram. Some hashtags are related to issues that really need to have greater control to prevent the encouragement and propagation of the subject on the network. Thus, always worth its salt by careful when choosing a hashtag for your post, after all, it may have a meaning in another culture which you do not know.


To find out if a hashtag is not permitted by Instagram, just search for it in the application search bar. If it is banned, it will not be found or recommended and, therefore, we suggest you do not use. Think of a variable or combination of words that works better and is valid on the network.

An important and not well known tip is about the frequent use and for a long period of time from the same hashtag in various posts. Mostly, Instagram identifies this behavior as spam and may also end up banning your profile - especially if it is a random hashtag.

on ahashtags indicated amount of each post, wrote an article explaining more about how to use them to your advantage.

#Their results must be real

Do not play behaviors that are not standard. The first tip is an introduction to this tip. Their results must be real and organic, that is, must accurately reflect the numbers shown. Otherwise, you may be noticed or noticed by empty indicators.

as discussed, many profiles are not happy with the new algorithm, however, this is a way of Instagram contain some inappropriate practices in the network and provide highest-quality results in technical terms.

Unfortunately, some profiles have been deleted without even being aware that particular practice could be negative (popularly known asshadowban).

Therefore, not when playing practices, Instagram not only the algorithm can hurt you as well as yourself may be deceiving: a brand can be expected to undertake work with you based on the results you present and, Lastly, Your profile does not perform as expected because the engagement was not real.

Here in Squid, we can calculate the percentage of credibility of a profile. That is, The number of followers is X, We got to know how many percent of that number are real profiles, active profiles, etc. We also managed to have a qualitative monitoring of interactions, to ensure that they are true.

The idea is that your profile stand out precisely because of the quality and not only by the amount (after all, our speech is focused on microinfluenciadores, neither?). Lastly, always remember that the most important is to maintain a close and loyal audience, to talk to you and you enjoy the profile for the authenticity of its contents.


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