5 tips to have a complete profile on Facebook

12 March of 2018

Have a Facebook profile can be something simple. But, if you are digital influencer (also known as digital influencer, from English), You need to see if really the social network makes sense for you. After all, not just because the platform is the most popular on the planet (having about 139 million users only in Brazil, which ranks as the third most in the category of active members platform, after India and the US) you need to be in it.

As much as other networks are also essential to aggregate the work of an influencer, Facebook brings together multiple features in a single space. Therefore, it is important to determine if you really need the network and if it makes sense for your content and, once having done so (and if the answer is yes!), it is interesting to you to create a profile that will help consolidate your brand on the Internet.

To help you in this direction, separated 5 creative ideas Facebook profile to help you craft your page in the social network. Look that:


#1 - Cover photo and profile

The first impression counts a lot!

The cover photo occupies a very large space of the Facebook profile, therefore, it is essential that the image is on your cover call the attention of people who visit your page.

An interesting factor is that Facebook does not determine specific rules for this picture, therefore, you can use text without limitations (sim, Facebook identifies both text you use in your photo)!. Even so, avoid unnecessary texts, include information such as your website or blog, your profile on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and contact, as your email.

As attention usually first back to his mantle, It is legal to use images that are fast viewing and passing a clear and direct message to your audience. Ah, of course: self-respecting for good quality! Ideally, it is at least 851 x 315 pixels.

A good idea is to use custom images that address a subject you already normally use in your content. The more to do with your profile, more your brand will be best consolidated by visitors fanpage.

As for frequency, It's up to you, but seek to replace it with some frequency: can be from station to station, at special times, or when your channel do birthday, achieve a certain goal. ultimately, use your cover as an extension of your brand. After all, that is a space for you to show who you are and what you speak in a simple and practical way.

A profile photo, in its turn, It is one of the most important items of your page because it represents you online. That is, It is the profile picture (next to its name) that will make people know who is behind that page.

The cover is important because it will leave a first impression, however, is the profile picture that will be in continuous contact, much closer and frequent, with his followers and fans. The only hint to the profile picture is that you use a picture that has an ideal size 160 x 160 pixels.

#2 - On & Business categories

Less is more

The "About" can change depending on the category you choose when creating your fan page. It's interesting, however, you fill in all fields so that the information pass the maximum possible credibility about you and your blog or brand.

In the space below the profile photo, add a clear and direct description of your page and be sure to put the link to your blog or to an address of your choice.

Another important detail is to understand the difference between a personal profile for a fanpage. The fanpage is a public page that anyone can access the published content. Have your personal profile does not necessarily have to be public. Therefore, as the idea is to generate influence through your page and share information to the public in its class, it is interesting that you create a fanpage.

When you create it, choose the option "Public Figure" if the subject is about you. If the topic of your blog is other than your personal brand, you can also choose to "Entertainment", for example, since you will be creating a content focused on a specific niche.

#3 - Content

Create a content strategy

When creating content for Facebook, as well as your blog and other social networks, it is essential that you have a pre-defined strategy. If you create content without a clear objective to reach wherever, you probably can not measure results effectively.

For this, set goals and objectives: where you're going and why? With your Facebook, you want people to notice you, dêem likes, follow you, visit your site or engage with your content?

Understanding what are the most important metrics for you at that particular moment, you can create your editorial content of focused on achieving such goals.

#4 - Frequency

What is the best period for publications?

The first step to define a posting frequency and time of day that you think your audience responds best to also understand what their willingness to deal with your social networks. There are people who can write and publish vlogs 3 times a week in their channels on Youtube, others are only 1 time. This frequency depends largely on the availability.

Understanding how your audience reacts and how you can cope with the demands of their networks is very important to define issues such as frequency and period.

If you do not know the best time, try all! Monitor your posts and write down the days and times that your audience engages more to know when to post more.

#5 - Engagement

You also part of this conversation

Your fanpage on Facebook certainly will impact a number of people who will become your followers and fans. Never, never, under any circumstances leave them aside! On the contrary, recognizes their importance, understand what they like about your content and take the opportunity to exchange experiences responding to comments and generating conversations.

Enjoy also to monitor the reactions and what is spoken, identifying problems that can turn any image crisis. This monitoring is also interesting for you to analyze consumption trends of your audience, understanding which performam content better and what you can create in the future.

Lastly, so your brand pass as much credibility, you must ensure that your social networks talk to each other and are always aligned, with updated information and a similar visual identity.


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