Trends and challenges for influential marketing in 2020, according to research

22 de May de 2020

Squid and Kantar IBOPE Media interviewed 40 advertisers and agencies in Brazil to map goals, challenges and perspectives of influential marketing for the coming years. Check the results!

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Who do you listen to when buying a product? Maybe friends or family, but it is undeniable to growing importance of content creators, that increasingly influence consumers' purchasing decisions. O influence marketing it's still a new market, but it has evolved a lot and has conquered more and more influencers and brands.

A formula authenticity and creativity can reach the most diverse audiences. The brands, on the other hand, start taking measurements more seriously, prioritizing more specific metrics, how the impact on brand and sales, that go beyond the number of followers and likes.

To understand the market's perception of this strategy and map the main barriers, investment challenges and opportunities for 2020, a Squid it's at Kantar IBOPE Media interviewed 40 advertisers, of 23 Business (57%) e 17 agencies (43%) who already work with influence marketing in Brazil.

In search of the ideal influencer, metrics and campaigns that have been frustrated in the past

Among the main challenges faced by companies when using influence marketing, finding influencers aligned with the brand objective is the biggest one (62%). A lack of know-how to plan goals and measure results is the main obstacle for 55% of respondents.

The experience with campaigns that did not have the desired return was pointed out as a challenge for 33%, While 13% fail to identify how influential marketing can fit the company's marketing strategy. Besides that,  30% they claim to face resistance after observing campaigns with low performances or without clear goals that were accomplished in the past.

Another great difficulty presented by 62% is to establish metrics that can translate the return on investments, While 60% prefer to invest in traditional media or have more maturity in evaluating results.

It’s important to remember that a campaign’s success goes far beyond analyzing the number of followers, Tanned or comments. Brands need to analyze whether a given influencer talks to the public, engages well with consumers and has the same ideas and purpose as the brand.

And what are the objectives and goals of the brands?

Approximately one third of agencies and advertisers have as main objectives to be better known (33%) and increase the level of trust when the brand is recommended by a consumer (30%). Immediate sales impact (20%) and conquer spontaneous media (15%) come next. Only 2% aimed to increase the application user base as a goal to be achieved with the use of influencers.

When influence marketing is used?

In 45% agencies and advertisers, campaigns are carried out monthly (always on) e 25% use the strategy every three months. Outcome: 70% carry out campaigns with a periodicity of a maximum of three months.

The third most cited option was “only when launching new products / services", with 22,5% of respondents, which shows influence marketing as a relevant means to amplify and customize the communication of product launches.

The main platforms for advertising

According to respondents, campaigns are run, predominantly no Instagram, YouTube e Facebook. The areas charged with managing influencing marketing strategies are: Marketing (30%), Social media (20%) and Media Department (17%). Only 15% of the sample attributes these actions to the Public Relations departments, followed by Content (13%). 

"Currently, influential marketing has evolved a lot and has consolidated itself as a strategy to get closer to consumers. With technology we can understand the consumer journey and generate valuable insights for brands. We were also able to understand the behavior of audiences to co-create with influencers. ” explain Felipe Oliva, CSO and co-founder of Squid.

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