5 tips for a good bio on Instagram (and attract followers)

12 the January, the 2018

You have entered into a profile of Instagram and thought "Our! Super I identified with that person "and went on to immediately follow it? Yeah, this has also happened to me. Sometimes, some have a profilebio no Instagram so good that you do not even need to look at the photos to see if it is worth following him. But, how that person could write a presentation so?

separated 5 tips to help you develop a better bio on Instagram (is that, consequently, will attract more followers).



Put your real name

The first step in creating a good bio Instagram isensure that your name is, indeed, your name. Basically, what we mean by this is that the "name" field of your profile is not yourusername. People who search for you on Instagram will most likely look for your real name or your company's name, and consistency allows other users to know if the profile you are seeing is really yours and not an impostor.

That seems kind of obvious, but it has a reason. That social network, the only fields that are taken into consideration by the search field are "name" and "username". So, it is important that the name you use in your bio on Instagram is that his followers and spectators are looking for.

But that does not mean you can not change things a bit! If you have a specialty or niche, or is known for anything in particular, you can put that detail in his name also.


Your photo and text bio

If you are a small business or a blogger, you should use a face to your profile picture, not a logo. You have no reason to be shy here, Give the guys!

This is very important for when you are trying to gain followers. Think with me: when you comment or likes a photo of someone, they will see your logo and neither will give ball - may even think that it is a spam account, trying to sell followers, or something like this. But if they come across a face, this changes. They will click on the picture and will be redirected to the profile and, if they like what they see, probably start to follow you - that's what you want.

Besides that, be direct and make people identify with you. Think carefully: you only have a few sentences to attract people and let them know exactly what you are or what you do. think of the 2 or 3 most important words that describe you or your brand and work on it.

A good bio on Instagram define precisely what is your business and what you do. So, if you want to stand for a particular skill, profession, hobbie or interest, you can include these details there.

But need not be sticky and overly sentimental, telling his whole story, is? Nobody likes that. Try to read your bio and you want to follow. Is not onlybusiness full-time, put a touch of personality.

You can also put some peculiar traits. Trust me, everyone likes something different.

#3 Emoji

Emoji? Sim, sim, sim

Emoji break a little text and draws the attention of eyes. This makes them actually want to read his bio and see why those are there emoji.

In a business world, serious talk, corporate, good to see emoji where they would not normally be. Think about it: if you worked in a boring place and had to answer an even more annoying boss, you never use emoji in an e-mail or a text message. We try all the time to be as "100% Professional" that, sometimes, We forget how to be ourselves.

Everyone uses emoji (the mothers, 10but x). Because? Because a picture speaks a thousand words, neither? Sometimes it is easier to put one wag emoji to express what we mean. The idea is to make anyone who reads the bio feel something that makes them stay in your profile and follow you.


Enter your email

Have an email contact is important. Do you know why? No matter of what you speak, or disclose Instagram, you have to be affordable for people who want to contact you. If no, you may be missing out on great opportunities.

Imagine that some brand find your Instagram somehow. They will see your profile and like much of its content. The first thing they will need is your email (no minimum) to speak with you. You can make it very difficult this by placing a link to your website, where they will go to try to find your contact. Or you can facilitate this process already presenting this information in your bio.


Have a simple bio

Whenever we come across those profiles that have a biography full of different characters. You can change the source of bio with some applications and tricks,but this is not something recommended. One reason is the fact that strange characters leave the illegible text and can, inclusive, end up not convey the message that you want. Have a design morecleanand seek to draw attention to content rather than format.

If you prefer, You can break the lines in bio. For this, simply access the Instagram by the computer and edit the text that way. Like this, is not all on one line and you can organize your information well.

Checklist Bio Perfect on Instagram

A good bio is one that creates a great first impression and convinces the viewer to follow you. So, recapping:

  1. Use yourname in the "name"
  2. A good oneface picture it is agood text a pair was
  3. Emoji to break plain text, if you want to change a little
  4. Post youremail
  5. formats and the text


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