How to be a content creator?

16 August of 2018

The story content is much older than it looks. In 1996, Bill Gates, Microsoft founder giant, published an article entitled "Content is King", or Content is King, free translation. even though, at the time, the content production is not so relevant and do not move from one forecast, we can say that today it is an unquestionable reality.

You might wonder how a forecast of more than 20 years has become so real and the answer is simple: Internet. And television, Internet spread, becoming a means of mass communication, able to connect people in different parts of the world. however, unlike TV, the web has provided an experience that was hitherto unheard: interactivity.

And interactivity is one of the main characteristics that drove the emergence of influencers that first of all, are content creators.

#The era of content

As predicted by Gates, we are in the era of content and it really is king. Businesses use blogs to attract new readers, brands use content broadcast on television and influencers to gain visibility, influencers create content in various places to spread their ideas and so on.

There, but what does all this have to do with being "creator"? All. If you want to be part of the category "creator", keep in mind that there is a whole work behind it. Before being a creator it is fundamental to think that those who create content also makes the curator of what will be done, as will be made, it will be done. Not counting the creators to capture and edit your own videos and photos or develop their own website and related.

Although there is a recipe for how to become a creator, there are some important habits for those who really want to create successful content.

#Read and write, the beginning of everything

The two main habits for any creator are reading and writing about subject(s) addressing. This tip may seem obvious, but learn new things and take them to your audience is to show that in addition to being authority on the subject you also seeks to innovate within their own universe.

Another important point, by the way, is that to become important in certain niche we need to go beyond just producing content. Curate and serve what other creators have been doing your niche is also a way of creating value - for you and your audience. after all, as well as anyone owning the truth, other content can always generate debate (and that means the engagement /).

As a result of this process of curating and serving other content, It becomes natural networking and relationships with other creators. That is, in addition to generating value you strengthen the relationship with other people who are in a similar position to their, even creating a sense of community.

#technical skills

The technical field of content creation is something that always comes up in debates. "How do you take a good photo?"Or" How do I create a good video?"Are commonplace and important questions to the universe of creators. after all, the face of your creation is one of the points that dictates whether you produce is good or bad.

Although "take a good shot" and "make a good video" are not easy to master skills, they are part of the creative process, and you can learn them and develop them as any other skill.

Search for courses, experts and other creators who approach the subject (Why not, Is not it?) They make up part of good practice to learn more and more about the subject.

And most important of all: have your own creative process. This means planning every step, from beginning to end, how your content appears, be it in photo, video, text on the blog and the like. Check the audio when recording a video, review the text for the blog or adjust the lighting before taking a photo are sample steps of the creative process.


Being authentic is one of the main keys to beat when it comes to creating content. Authenticity is a key feature for anyone who wants to stand out as a good creative content.

This means that you need to be real, talking about what he believes. It is relevant - giving the debate a different point of view of others -, and innovative.

Although it seems easy, be authentic is not always simple. Understand its own identity, your goals and who is the audience that consumes its contents are complex steps that require much attention and planning.

Although complex, be a content creator is to be part of people's lives and help them, oftentimes, without even knowing them. Be everywhere and at any time attaches great responsibility.

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  1. Liked the theme discussed here and really think the more important to do something cool is being yourself #autenticidade is what brand people, when it comes to creativity will always remember the “guy” did well, It will be rolling???
    Creativity makes you reference to the other, a good phone help and muitooooo bad does not mean anything!!!

    • Exact, The! What brand people is a union of authenticity and good content, Delivering what you want to see those who follow. Your identity is what will dictate “what you say”, :).

      Ah, and good equipment help, Clear, but need to be well used (both on the creative part as the technical part, 😉 ).

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