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17 de July de 2018

How to claim a Facebook page?

Hello, okay? Well-vindx our tutorial. We want to help you link your Facebook page to your Business account on Instagram.

#Because it's important

You should know that Facebook made some changes in your Instagram API. This means that we had to make some adjustments and that's why we need your account on Business Calls is linked with your Facebook.

During the process to make your Business account, You can skip the step to link a Facebook page. But when you choose to skip this step, I could not get the profile information even though he was Business. By participating in a campaign with Squid, able to monitor the content produced by you is one of the most important steps - and without this link with Facebook we were unable to complete this task.

by default, Facebook automatically creates a page to the insights of information management. Because the page already exists, all you have to do is claim it. For this, just follow our step by step.

Do not worry! The process is very fast and we will explain you tim-tim tim-tim ... by

All ready? So, let's start…

#Step 1

No Instagram, visit settings. Now, within "the business account options", you will see the option available "Claiming Facebook page":

#Step 2

By clicking "Reclaiming Page", the following message appears, stating that the page for your trading account has been created and that it will be claimed to your profile. Click on "Claim page".

#Step 3

Soon! Now it is all right for the bond accounts in Squid. Simply access our againapp and link your account?

Want to see if it worked?

You want to check if the change worked? Just take a look at the settings of your Facebook. Within the block "Pages", you should find your new page listed there. Remember that you do not need to use this page, indeed. It is used by Facebook just to manage the information of insights.

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    • Hi, Barbarian. How are you?
      The option to claim your Facebook page appears only if you have turned your Instagram profile into a business account and you have chosen to skip the option to have a Facebook page. If this option isn't showing up for you, you probably already claimed the page during the process, or your Instagram is still a personal account (without being commercial). Hope this helps.


  1. Hello, good afternoon!
    The use of this page for commercial dissemination is free?

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