5 digital marketing trends you can not ignore in 2020

25 March of 2020

Keep an eye on all the news from digital marketing market, understand what makes sense for your audience and stand out!

We like to always be ahead when it comes to digital marketing and influence. Therefore, in 2019, we talked about some trends 2020. To keep us updated, we will continue it, bringing new insights and also some strategies that are falling out of favor. Check out what to do and what not to do to stay within the main strategies of the moment.

Bet on:

1. Private chats

With the creation and implementation of business accounts, it is now possible to establish a more direct and human communication with customers by private chats – tool made to ensure a freer conversation, authentic human and between public and brand. You can use it even in the most common applications like WhatsApp, Telegram e Messenger, with the specific configuration they have created for companies to communicate with their customers. A simple way to talk directly with consumers and maintain the close relationship!

2. Artificial intelligence

Speaking in more direct and human communication, O investment in artificial intelligence and chatbots it is essential for it to happen. The IA may analyze consumer behavior, search patterns and use data from social media platforms and blog posts to help you understand how customers find your products and services.

Soon, artificial intelligence will be largely responsible for the functioning of many services and, currently, we can see its use in areas such as:

  • basic communication
  •  Product recommendations
  • Content Creation
  • Customizing e-mail

3. transparency of valuation

This is a trend that has been going on for a while, especially with the influence marketing. People are more aware of misleading advertisements or too distant from reality. They want to know how brands make the world better and life easier, REALLY.

According to the survey of "Global Consumer Pulse" 2019, da Accenture Strategy, consumers (76%) They stated that their purchasing decisions are influenced by the values ​​propagated by the brands and the actions of their leaders.

The same survey also found that brands that inform the public about their purposes, demonstrate commitments to causes and stand in the world as well as its products, They are more likely to attract customers and influence purchase decisions.

4. sentiment analysis

The presence of the reactions with feelings are getting stronger in social networks. This reflects the growth of customization and humanization of available resources. It is important to bear this in mind when creating new interactions with the public and use the data and information offered by them, via comments, to understand and learn more about your audience.

5. customization

If you want to excel in 2020, You will need to customize your marketing fine. This includes content, products, emails and more. Put yourself in the consumer's place and understand that a generic advertising may not cause as much impact or shock.

Personalization can be identified in an email marketing well prepared or even in the Spotify music suggestions. The important thing is to think about how to offer a unique and exclusive experience to your audience.

I have! 

While there are trends that become stronger, there are also those that are falling into disrepair and can not favor their strategies. Are they: 

1. Purchase mailing

The e-mail as the exclusive sales channel is in decline and buying mailing with without the permission of their owners address is increasingly repudiated. Be careful not to fall into traps!

2. automation tools on Instagram

The darling of the public social network banned the use of this type of tool, that helps automate repetitive day-to-day tasks. Thereby, she wanted to value the real and humane interaction, more spontaneous (a trend, remember?). So, better start keeping an eye on best times to threads, read the available metrics and make yourself work.

3. commercial posts

Gone are the days when the content business pages was limited only to the sale of products. Today people want stories, backstage, the reality of each brand so that it reaches the product being offered. It takes care not to use a communication that has become uninteresting, combined?

We hope to contribute to your brand track marketing trends and highlight. Remember to always keep clear and transparent communication to approach the public, with honesty and spontaneity. Thus, the relationship will be built in a genuine way and very healthy!

E, if you need, speak with specialists ready to give you a hand and ensure that your strategy is in sync with the marketing trends. You know what you get with it? Spoiler alert: much success!

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