We are increasingly aware.
The power of each individual.
The power of communication.
The power of collaboration.

Only our diverse and amplified voices can build a new culture. A culture which represents a new way to relate, consuming, of work, and put the human factor as the most important.

We will expand our horizons, creating together a new tomorrow. In which, do what you love is the premise of our work, that eye to eye is our greatest intelligence, and brands and creators are protagonists of this change. We know that communication is a great tool in the construction of these new paradigms.

We are a network formed by communities of content creators operating in its development and in building the reputation of brands. We unite technology and creativity in search of a market where more voices can resume his role.

We are building a new communications industry.
decentralized. collaborative. Humanized.

And for that, we need you.

Let juntxs?


Our story

The Squid is the first of influence marketing company in Brazil specializing in connecting influencers and content creators to brands. Founded in 2014, the company believes in the importance of humanizing the digital strategies and the power of the voices of businesses and people to market. In 2019, He joined the ranks 100 Startups to Watch, developed by Small Business & Big Business and Corp.vc, the EloGroup, one of the most promising names in this market.

We are experts in creating projects and recruit content creators to find the best solution in influential marketing for brands. Through machine learning, We automate the entire identification process, recruitment and management of digital influencers, joining technology and a team of experts that helps brands to push forward the result of campaigns.

Today, we operate in a market that becomes more important every year, with more and more brands seeking closer communication of your audience. We want to humanize the brand communication and we want that content creators can grow up doing what they do best: create content with authenticity.

Isa Ventura / CEO

Master in economic and business engineering from the University of Grenoble, and alumni of Harvard Business School's executive program. By 3 he received the Digital Market Professional Award Digitalks, It is the professional that stood out in the digital landscape in affiliate marketing category.

Felipe Lima / CTO

Specialist software architecture, Felipe Lima is Chief Technology Officer in Squid. After opening a consultancy in Santa Catarina, He came to São Paulo to take the company's technology area.

Felipe Oliva / CSO and Co-Founder

Degree in engineering from USP, Felipe Oliva is reference in the influence marketing
and has passed through other technology companies
and experience in developing strategies for online and offline marketing.

Fausto Matsuda / CIO

Degree in environmental engineering from the Polytechnic School of USP and has passing by big companies like Odebrecht, Knijnik Integrated Engineering, and Mobly. There are about 5 years, It is dedicated to the universe of influence.

Carlos Tristan / CMO and Co-Founder

Became entrepreneur ago 5 years, When co-founded Squid. Also has worked in strategic consulting, helping other startups to draw business plans and to launch MVPs. In the free time, It is master brewer.

Ronaldo Melo / BizDev Lead

Over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and technology market, a degree in Advertising and Marketing specializing in digital business, and it has passed by companies like IBM, Cadmut, Aunica is Flagcx.


Influence Marketing Specialist, has worked at Influency.me, where he served as Head of Product, and was Digital Marketing Manager at RAWAR. The executive has been at Squid since August of last year when he took over the New Business area.

Luciano Kalil / Partner and founder of Duopana

Graduated in Psychology with an emphasis on Human Computer Interaction and Data Processing, is founder and CEO at Duopana, today part of Squid. Speaker, mentor and teacher, has extensive experience with technological development and digital marketing.

Meet our entire team